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Alexa Observations, part 2

By david  //  Technical Tips  //  Comments Off on Alexa Observations, part 2

In the first post, the address slot type (AMAZON.PostalAddress) was shown in the Alexa Simulator as being populated with 5750 claude drive as a valid address entry to be sent to the Skill. This indicates the Simulator had a small bug in it that has since been corrected by Amazon. For all other numeric data slots, the numbers have to be spelled out with words.
For example, zip codes have to be entered as seven five zero zero one instead of 75001.
The house number should have been required to be spelled out as five seven five zero instead of 5750.

New Method in Address Slot (corrected)

Old Method (with bug)




Alexa Observations

By david  //  Technical Tips  //  Comments Off on Alexa Observations

These are some simple observations I made while testing Alexa Skills under development.

For address slot types, the simulator requires complete street types such as spelling out “drive” or “circle”. Acronyms are not accepted. The first grey bubble shows that the simulator stops and does not send a request.



If an empty bubble appears in the simulator, then your program returned a JSON with an empty outputSpeech parameter to Alexa:



When you click on “Return to the developer console” before a session has ended, it may be buffered and sent as the first request to the skill’s code during the next session. An indicator of that occurring will be the “audio response only” bubble at the beginning of the next session: